Toy Poodles Silver

Our first male toy poodle was called Gismo. For 16 years he had been a loyal and friendly comrade. In memory to him we gave home to Dorian Gray´s Jumpstyle, breeded by Georg Walther. The female toy poodle honours herself with excellent quality. And so, the inevitable happened: We made our first dwarf poodle litter in 2010.

In 2 litters Dori got 3 puppies - Xarino, Xoconocho and Dornröschen.

Dorian Gray’s Jumpstyle

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Dorian Gray’s Jumpstyle

Preferred Name
  • Dori
  • 18.07.2007
  • DPK-Siegerchampion
  • DPK-Sieger
  • Jüngstensieger des DPK
  • DPK-Jugendsieger
  • DPK Jugendchampion
  • Dt. Champion (DPK)
  • Dt. Champion (VDH)
  • DPK-Klubsieger
  • Lux. Champion
  • Georg Walther

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