Dwarf Poodles Black

We want to improve our fawn dwarf poodle breeding with our pure female black dwarf poodle Royal Highness v. d. Hutzelschweiz Royal Highness v. d. Hutzelschweiz Royal Highness v. d. Hutzelschweiz and their descendants. This very difficult aim can only be achieved with much time and patience.

In the first step she was mated successfully with our male dwarf poodle Tsigane Fleur de cerise in 2011. From that combination the male Zarewitsch Michail Fleur de cerise is available for further breeding.

Afterwards we decided to continue the breeding of black dwarf poodles with the beautiful female. From the mating of Veleroso von der Hutzelschweiz she gave birth to 3 promising females in 2014 from which Henriette stayed with us.

Henriette Fleur de cerise

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Henriette Fleur de cerise

Preferred Name
  • Henriette
  • 03.06.2014
  • DPK Siegerchampion
  • Dt. Champion ( DPK )
  • Dt. Champion ( VDH )
  • Alpensieger
  • DPK-Jugendchampion
  • Dt. Jugendchampion
  • 4. der Gruppe 9
  • 4 x BOB/BOS
  • Dietlinde Kirsch

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